3 Critical Logistics Solutions You Aren't Considering

Published : May 21, 2014

logistics-solutionsDo efficient, cost-effective and customer-pleasing logistics solutions rely on technology alone? Is investing most of your capital in technology enough to keep your company ahead of the competition?

Although supply chain management is firmly tied to the world of robotics and predictive analytics, your company cannot rely on computerization and automation solely and completely. You can't afford to leave the personal touch behind, even as your company advances toward the future at lightning speed.

Your business clients and partners or customers expect instant access to data and information about their purchases and shipments, but they also want "special handling." And unless all your products are digital, you'll need to store, fulfill and ship. Every firm needs to be connected and plugged in, monitoring and tracking components and shipments digitally— but delighting customers through personal interaction and personalization is also critical.

Consider these 3PL solutions to help you impress customers (whether consumers or businesses) and win them for life:

1. Customer Support Services

Customer contact is key to keeping customers happy while their orders travel through the supply chain. Having knowledgeable and consultative support staff ready to answer customer questions during ordering and fulfillment increases satisfaction and loyalty.

If you need to please thousands of e-commerce customers in your B2C business— or maintain business relationships by having answers ready when clients reach out to your B2B firm— you need quality customer care.

Of course, you must have the tech in place so that clients can help themselves by accessing shipping and other logistics data, but to stand out in the crowd, you also need to offer the personal touch.

2. Personalization and Customization, Even at Late Stage

Your company needs the capability to stay flexible during the packaging and shipping process so that you maintain the ability to delight your customers, by adding something special to your usual fulfillment project as a premium service to your best customers for example.

You’ll need fulfillment and packaging services that can keep up— to accommodate special needs and personalize your products like adding gift-wrapping services to particular e-commerce offerings, seasonally or year round, so that you can offer convenience and one-stop-shopping to your customers.

If you want to keep your customers coming back, your shipping and logistics team needs these kind of additional fulfillment capabilities at the ready.

3. Flexible Shipping and Sales Capabilities

Your business needs sufficient, organized and secure space to store products and components as they’re prepared for shipping.

Ideally you don’t want to pay for a whole building, but you want to have space to expand as needed though busy periods or when adding new product lines, and this is the kind of flexibility that a 3PL provider can offer-- all of the space without the worry of overheads.

But that's not the only bonus that a fulfillment service can bring.

Although technology has made the world smaller, physical distances are still huge-- and time frames are short. With an increasing number of businesses shipping to far-flung locations, you need a centrally located space to provide rapid shipping times without undue postage or freight costs.

A well-managed warehouse and project management staff ties technology to human effort to deliver for your customers and clients.

The Bottom Line

When you consider the crucial services listed above, it's clear that software and digital tools will only get your so far. Warehousing, customer support and specialized shipments require a complex interplay of people and technology. For complete logistics solutions, first-class fulfillment and easily integrated technology to provide tracking and process visibility, you need a partner like Aero Fulfillment Solutions.

Our services allow you to outsource complex logistics without losing control. With Aero's cost-effective solutions, the promise of your brand is carried through to the customer providing a seamless purchase experience--while saving you time and money. To learn more, contact us today.

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