5 Tips for Creating an Enticing Ecommerce Fulfillment Website

Published : September 5, 2014

man-on-a-globeWith increasing demand straining the quality of customer service for internet retail, businesses that operate ecommerce sites might want to consider strategies to improve uniqueness and visibility online.

A recent ACSI survey found that although customer satisfaction had improved for the third year in a row across brick-and-mortar retail stores, pharmacies and supermarkets, internet retailers experience a distinct drop in satisfaction ratings (nearly five percent, an ACSI benchmark of 78 that is the lowest score noted since 2001) despite the fact that was a surge in purchasing over tablets and mobile devices.  

Simply put, consumers are rapidly embracing the benefits of online shopping, but retailers aren’t properly equipped to handle the sheer volume of ecommerce fulfillment.

Complaints registered by online consumers who rate ecommerce sites as average or poor in the service department include shipment delays, confusing interfaces that complicate checkout, slow loading times and no search option to quickly find specific products or services.

With hundreds of sites selling similar products, consumers won't stick around to figure out how to buy when an ecommerce site is not user-friendly, no matter how much they really want a product. 

5 Secrets to Creating an Enticing Ecommerce Site

Flesh and blood salespeople learn how to anticipate customer needs by facilitating communication with questions, helpful suggestions and observing their behavior while browsing a store. Since ecommerce sites don't have that luxury, they need to take advantage of other ways to personalize consumer experience.

1. Utilize whitespace when developing your website.

Think "less is more" when inserting text and images and refrain from product descriptions that are conversational or ". What to include in Information describing an item depends on the item. Additionally, an image will often say more than words, like showing a picture of a beautiful, red tulips instead of just talking about tulip bulbs. Save the details about planting or caring for tulips bulbs for a blog post on your site.

2. Keep it simple.

Skip the fancy font and opt for large, plain font, such as New Times Roman or Arial. Ecommerce sites that minimize text size just so they can cram more sales-y talk onto their pages are their own worst enemies.

3. Follow design principles.

Ecommerce site developers frequently neglect to research the psychology of color and how color influences consumer behavior. For example, utilizing sufficient white space (or empty spaces shaded with an off-white or light blue color) on an ecommerce webpage relaxes consumers because they immediately realize that cognitively, they won't be overly taxed or confused.

In addition, some color studies indicate that consumers equate the color purple with authority, blue with high quality and black with sophistication. A good ecommerce fulfillment strategy would consider highlighting certain products with colors that enhance their attractiveness.

4. Simplify navigation of the site's interface.

You can use visual cues such as medium to large-sized graphics or eye-catching colors to direct customers to particular areas of your site— checkout, support, and see more items like this one. Directional arrows, for example, increase conversion rates by providing a strong, call-to-action image that is processed by the brain faster than reading text.

5. Use the right technology.

No matter what you sell, your visitors are going to want to get a closer look. Your ecommerce sites must allow visitors to rotate and magnify images of products that cannot be fully seen and appreciated through a one-dimensional, static picture. This kind of web technology is especially important for items that contain embedded qualities that are difficult to see or invisible to the naked eye.

One of the greatest complaints reported by internet shoppers is the lack of responsiveness from online businesses to their inquiries—a live chat function could resolve that issue.

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