A Better Fulfillment Service May Be Your Customer Service Solution

Published : May 17, 2014

customer-service-through-order-fulfillmentA supply chain is the backbone of any business, and not even the best technology can save a fulfillment service with poor execution. If you've been seeing increased customer dissatisfaction with your fulfillment processes, now may be time to reassess your supply chain choices.

Customer satisfaction in e-commerce is dependent upon quick and accurate fulfillment services, including prompt shipping. Without excellent follow-through after the sale, the investment made in attracting and converting your prospect is wasted. And you may not get another chance to correct the poor impression that fulfillment errors can create.

Efficient fulfillment is a large part of customer service, helping to define the overall customer experience with your company. If you need to turn your business around after some disappointing sales numbers or if you’re scaling up to support a larger customer base, consider partnering with an expert fulfillment firm.

Shoppers are accustomed to a Faster Pace and Customized Buying Experience

Not only do today’s online and mobile clients require prompt and careful fulfillment, they expect it to be delivered consistently.

According to statistics compiled by Fonolo, 62% of consumers switched service providers last year after a poor customer service experience-- a 4% increase from 2012. This should come as no surprise in the small, relatively transparent world created by the Web over the past decade. No business can really escape being compared to Amazon, with its excellent fulfillment services, optimal use of technology and personalized customer experience.

Whether your orders come from an online or mobile storefront, call in, catalogue or are placed with you in person, your outsourcer should seamlessly integrate and prioritize the needed shipments. It doesn't matter if you sell wholesale and bulk ship to retailers or need promotional mailings to build your brand, your fulfillment company should represent you well.

With an expert firm handling fulfillment, you're able to focus your attention where it needs to be-- on running your business.

Outsource Fulfillment Services and Focus your Core Staff on Sales and Strategy

Few companies have the budget that Amazon wields to help perfect their order fulfillment and customer experience. That doesn’t mean, however, that your business is doomed to a less-than-stellar fulfillment system. There’s no need to reinvent or attempt to recreate the supply chain functions of the e-commerce giant in-house, either. Cost-effective, full service fulfillment outsourcing is now available to businesses of all sizes.

When you choose a quality fulfillment services firm, you can expect better supply chain management, superior fulfillment service levels in the areas of speed and accuracy—and enjoy lower shipping costs than you could negotiate on your own.

You can accomplish all this by outsourcing fulfillment, without renting your own warehouse space, keeping it properly staffed or adding a logistics manager and IT manager to your staff.

Full-Service Fulfillment Firms Offer Call Center and Customer Service Support

If your fulfillment partner is dedicated to creating a value-added service, they'll also give you the option of customer service support, integrating seamlessly with your software and systems or providing their own.

Your outsourcer’s technology should enable you to track your fulfillment progress--and gather data to help forecast future sales and inform other business strategy planning. Your outsourcer should expertly handle returns and commit to specific service levels to uphold (and build on) your company’s reputation and integrity.

The complete range of services acts as an excellent customer retention tactic as well. By providing excellent service on behalf of your brand, your outsourcer helps you build customer loyalty and outpace the competition. Choose a quality outsourcer and you’ll get much more than pack and ship or mailing services, they’ll make a serious contribution to your company’s bottom line.

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