Does Your Logistics Provider Get Your Market?

Published : July 18, 2014

logistics-providerYour beauty and cosmetic products help your customers look and feel their best from the first moment they open a package. The look of that package (has it been crushed and bent during transport or are the corners still crisp and undamaged?) can impact your customers’ perception of your brand as well— sometimes just as strongly as the products it contains.

Without the right logistics solutions in place, you run the risk of negatively affecting that perception, even if everything about your product itself is stellar. To ensure that you have a logistics and fulfillment team you can trust, consider these three while examining your current or considered logistics setup:

1. Will My Logistics Company Grow With Me?

Right now, you may be a small company starting out with a breakthrough lipstick or face cream, but tomorrow is another story that may incorporate unprecedented growth. Or maybe you're currently running a large, successful marketing push for an eyeshadow line, but have an eye towards the future trends and anticipate a shift in product share.

No matter who or where you are in the cosmetics industry, a good third party fulfillment and logistics provider will be able to stay in step with the ups and downs of your business, offering an appropriately-scaled solution for you at every step. Finding a centralized partner is another excellent step in the right direction; a well-placed company will naturally have more accurate and timely cooperation from a partner that 'lives' where they do.

Remember, no matter what changes you'd like to make in your supply chain, getting them implemented quickly is the most important part. The cosmetics industry can change in the blink of a perfectly mascaraed eye. You need an agile, capable ally to keep you on target with those changes.

2. Does My Logistics Provider Satisfy My Customers?

Whether you're sending a product to your customer's doorstep or just scrambling for more mica powder to keep the shimmer in your hottest product, you know that a supply chain only works when each link is strong.

In such a competitive marketplace, most companies that drop the proverbial ball with a customer rarely get a second chance to drop it again.

Avoid shipping delays and ugly out of stock banners with the right fulfillment and logistics solutions in your supply chain. No matter where your raw materials, packaging or other components are coming from, a reliable, trustworthy logistics partner gives you the assurance you need to focus on the important aspects— like marketing campaigns and connections with your customer base.

3. Does My Current Logistics Setup "Get" Me?

A professional logistics provider is always in your corner, looking for ways to improve your already successful business ventures. If you aren't confident that your current team would bring a potential positive change or benefit to your attention, it may be time to re-examine your relationship.

Your cosmetic products are the central piece of your overall marketing approach; Worries over ensuring that they are made properly and on time shouldn't distract from the organic innovative process. Your logistics professionals should be familiar enough with your development and fulfillment processes to help tighten up loopholes or add efficiency where slack is found— you already know that a successful company can't afford to rest on its laurels, so shouldn't your team hold the same philosophy?

No matter what your needs may be when it comes to logistics solutions, the right provider will be able to meet them, on time, with an accurate understanding of your product, your market and the needs of your customers. After all, you wouldn't settle for putting a sub-par product in the hands of your valued consumers.

Be sure you're demanding the same level of excellence in your logistics and fulfillment.

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