How to Get the C-Suite Interested in Updating Your Supply Chain Technology

Published : September 11, 2015

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In the world of modern manufacturing, it often seems like every aspect of a business is dependent on innovation — including the supply chain technology. Whether you are exploring different shipping solutions or looking for the best way to store customer data, technology is an essential component of the conversation. In some cases, however, your company’s C-Suite may not recognize the importance of having up-to-date supply chain technology and equipment.

Why Does It Matter?

Most major company updates, including the purchase of new supply chain tech, must be approved by the CFO, if not the entire C-Suite. At the very least, having the support of the organization's executives can expedite the process of identifying and implementing changes to the supply chain's IT infrastructure. Luckily, your company's executives are always looking for ways to boost the bottom line. If you can show that investing in new technology will help them accomplish this goal, they will be much more willing to jump on board.

5 Ways to Get the C-Suite Interested in an Update

Below are some tips you can use to get your company's executives interested in helping you revamp your supply chain tech for better efficiency.

1. Prepare for the conversation by collecting plenty of evidence.

Executives want to see that their investment will pay off. To prove that updating your supply chain technology will be beneficial to the company, you need to be able to present facts, statistics and projections that back up your position.

2. Try to anticipate the executive's questions.

Before making a decision, an executive will want to gather as much information as possible. During your conversation, the executive may ask several questions about the type of updates you want to make, how much they will cost and the ROI they will generate. Be ready to present suitable answers to all of these questions.

3. Have a list of potential solutions ready.

One of the most important questions an executive is likely to ask when discussing tech updates is "what kind of updates will we make?" For this reason, you need to be prepared with a list of possible solutions. This list should include the price of each solution to your company, as well as some information about pros and cons. It's best to offer more than one solution so that the executive can compare them.

4. Be flexible about meeting times.

After you have prepared all of your talking points and gathered sufficient evidence, you still need to schedule a meeting with one or more of your company's executives. Because executives are busy, getting a formal meeting may be a challenge. Although you can request a formal meeting, you should still be prepared to talk about the issue at hand whenever the opportunity presents itself. For example, if you find yourself on an elevator with one of your company's executives, it may be the perfect time to introduce the idea of updated shipping solutions.

5. Be polite and considerate.

In every encounter with the C-Suite, you must be polite and considerate. If you are trying to schedule a meeting, for example, you should not call repeatedly or flood the executive's inbox with emails. Instead, speak with the executive's assistant to find out the best way to get some one-on-one time. During the conversation, you should avoid being too pushy or talking over the executive. Address any and all of the executives questions and concerns respectfully.

Whether you are investing in new shipping solutions or considering a new program to manage your suppliers, you need help from the C-Suite. By using the tips above, you can maximize your chances of getting your company's executives' support and approval.  

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