Simple Ways to Improve the Internet Fulfillment Experience

Published : September 17, 2014

ecommerce-fulfillmentCompetition within the world of ecommerce is fierce, and more brands enter the market every day. With such a large number of contenders vying for consumers' attention, setting your company apart from the rest is essential for long-term success. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through improved ecommerce fulfillment services.

Because so many consumers are looking for the company that can provide them with the fastest, most effective service, ensuring that you’re partnering with a provider that offers superior ecommerce fulfillment can help to ensure that your company becomes a customer favorite.

Simple Ways to Improve Fulfillment

Because fulfillment is one of the final steps in the sales process, consumers often remember it more vividly than they remember others. Thus, providing consumers with a positive fulfillment experience will often cause them to think of your brand in a positive way and consider it first when they need to make any additional purchases.

Below are two simple strategies you can use to improve ecommerce fulfillment and build rapport with consumers.

1. Personalize the experience.

Today's consumers want to feel like they are interacting with a brand that values them as people, and not just as generators of revenue. Thus, consumers actively search for brands that show an interest in their individual interests, needs and goals. One of the best ways to reach consumers on a deeper level is to personalize their entire shopping experience— from the search for products to the ultimate fulfillment of orders.

For example: As consumers search for products on your website, you can personalize their experience by using technology that identifies and suggests the items they will be most likely to purchase. This demonstrates to the consumer that you have been paying attention to his or her past behaviors. Likewise, when it comes time to fulfill an order, personalize the fulfillment experience as much as you can to show the consumer that you value his or her purchase.

Ways to personalize fulfillment services include addressing the customer by name on all fulfillment-related communications, including informational inserts or promotions in the package that may appeal to the consumer and sending customized follow-up emails and/or requests for feedback.

2. Invest in mobile.

With such a large proportion of consumers using their mobile devices to interact with ecommerce retailers, you simply can't ignore this demographic any longer. In fact, according to Mashable, as many as four out of five consumers with smartphones will use their devices for shopping. If you are not offering mobile ecommerce solutions, many of these consumers will opt for one of your competitors.

Mobile devices are with consumers at all times, which means that the opportunities for customer engagement skyrocket when your brand incorporates mobile. In addition, when you integrate your mobile shopping platform with your fulfillment services, you can further enhance customer experience by allowing shoppers to place orders, track them and provide feedback via mobile devices.

You can incorporate mobile into your ecommerce strategy by developing a mobile-friendly version of your website and/or designing an ecommerce app for use on mobile devices.

Evaluate Your Efforts for Ongoing Progress

While these certainly aren’t the only ways your can step up your efulfillment game, they’re a good place to start.

But regardless of how you choose to improve, providing the best possible fulfillment services to your customers requires continuous evaluation and tweaking. To evaluate the results of your improvement efforts, solicit feedback from consumers in the form of surveys and requests for customer reviews or comments.

As you review the information provided, pay close attention to the details consumers like or dislike about your ecommerce fulfillment operations and make changes as needed.

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