Mayday! Your Fulfillment Is Going Down without the Right Technology

Published : July 2, 2014

technology-customer-serviceAmazon, the kingpin of online shopping, has taken their support service to the next level with Mayday. As one of the largest fulfillment and distribution operations in the US, Amazon’s success with the new features should get you thinking about how you can better leverage technology within your organization— from customer service to fulfillment.

At a single touch, Amazon’s video-enhanced support feature has revolutionized how end customers experience service and technical support online. Clearly a winner in terms of help desk offerings, similar features have already been adopted by other companies. Salesforce, for example, now offers a mobile app with a new Service Cloud SOS feature.

Consider how your supply chain operations could develop a more robust service by incorporating technology into your business model.

Mayday Revealed

The Mayday feature is available with Kindle HD units, and this service places tech support at the touch of a finger for users. However, it is beyond the basic chat service offered by most online companies. This single-click support amenity features a face-to-face video share with a real life person on display in a small window of the Kindle HD screen—just as advertised.

And the Mayday feature goes a step further than connecting users with representatives. It allows the support person to:

  • View the user’s Kindle HD screen in real time
  • Annotate the screen while the user is using the unit
  • Tap within the interface so to provide “hands-on” support

According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Mayday is “actually very similar to having someone standing next to you” while receiving tech support for the Kindle HD. That’s a customer experience that can’t be beat.

Connecting Personalized Service with Technology

Of course, as with any new technology, there are some concerns about the video chat feature:

  • Privacy and security to be remedied by highly secure connections and trained staff
  • Significant investment in the infrastructure needed for this type of service
  • Necessity of data masking capabilities so to protect the company providing the service

However, the benefits of utilizing a visual service option—or any other technology that helps streamline or improve your end-to-end customer experience, for that matter— far overcome the risks, especially when, with ample investment of time and funding, these risks are manageable.

Brand building expert Denise Lee Yohn discusses the value of having personalized services: “To create valuable, sustainable customer relationships, great brands don’t sell customers on contracts—they seduce them with connections.” These connections are exactly what Amazon is using with the Mayday video service option.

By promoting a personalized one-on-one service through visual aids in their customer service plan, Amazon is connecting with Kindle HD users one at a time.

Businesses, and especially those who focus on the ecommerce side of fulfillment and distribution, can benefit greatly from this kind of technology. By reaching customers at the micro level with such a personalized service, even in the wake of globalization, businesses can take advantage of that personalized connection that makes customers come back again and again.

Finding a Fit

Any businesses can benefit from solid customer services with a personalized flair.

For your business, having a direct connection can be as simple as using social media to connect with customers. Yet considerations should be made in terms of how your business can further utilize other technologies to help streamline your end-to-end service.

With orders coming through a multitude of channels, these days, delivering on ever-higher customer expectations has become an insurmountable obstacle for business that aren’t able to upgrade their logistics tech. Even if you offer customers the best product in the world, you’re sunk if you can’t get it into your customer’s hands in a timely and accurate manner.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, you can’t afford to let your technology slip—especially when there are so many other vendors out there just waiting to offer your customers a better experience.

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