Order Fulfillment isn't the End of the Customer Experience

Published : July 10, 2014

packagingWhether your customer is a retail outlet or the end consumer, they expect that order to be received in a timely manner and in good condition whenever they place an order.

Unfortunately your packaging fulfillment team doesn’t always deliver on this expectation.

One of the keys to improving the performance of your fulfillment team is to work with a third party fulfillment (3PF) company that is accessible to both the businesses and individual customers you ship to. The more centralized the location, the more efficiently your partner will be able to deliver packages.

But it isn't enough to just get a package where it needs to go. You need to be sure the job is going to be done right, and that means following up with the customer to see that they are truly satisfied.

Committed to the Customer Experience

In both B2B and B2C order fulfillment, every step of the process needs to be taken seriously.

In order to maintain a sense of connection to your customer base, your fulfillment company must be invested in not just getting packages from point A to point B, but in the complete customer experience. This means that you need a partner that does more than just hold merchandise in a warehouse and ship it out on demand.

A full service fulfillment company will draw on its customer service skills and technical know-how in order to help the companies they work with.

  •          Completing orders quickly, efficiently, and with accuracy
  •          Managing inventory levels
  •          Responding to customer concerns promptly
  •          Helping their partner further grow their business by upselling and crossselling the company's   products and services

It's important that the order fulfillment company do their part to support the businesses they partner with. This means handling a lot of the operational tasks—from data entry to processing credit cards and offering Internet sales support.

By engaging in all of these processes, a packaging fulfillment company can use their knowledge to provide comprehensive reporting which provide the businesses they work with the statistics they need to make informed decisions.

In your business, designing and manufacturing your product is what's most important, and it’s what you're good at. When your fulfillment company can get orders to your customers, provide the service they need, answer many of their questions, and keep your business in the loop every step of the way, you are freed to produce the best products possible and take pride in the knowledge that your customers are receiving the service they deserve.

Benefits of a Web-Centric Fulfillment Company

Full service, web-centric fulfillment companies focus on a total quality approach.

Through a single web-based portal, both you and your partner can manage and monitor your supply chain. This feature alone eliminates many of the common problems businesses have when one department doesn't seem to know what the other is doing.

Neither your orders nor your customers have "one size fits all" needs.

That's why the flexibility to customize a customer's experience based on their personal needs is so appreciated. A good full service fulfillment company will help with everything from gift wrapping to customizations during the later stages of fulfillment or accommodations of special circumstances such as limited time offers, flash buys, or seasonal order spikes. It's this type of flexibility that helps businesses roll with the changes with minimal disruption to the customer experience.

Businesses benefit from the full service, web based packaging fulfillment relationship as well.

Since information about customers, past orders, common complaints, sales figures and trends are tracked and easily accessed, businesses can take advantage of this knowledge in order to make the right decisions about where to take their business next.

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