Packaging Fulfillment Is a Critical Link from Factory to Customer

Published : July 17, 2014

packaging-fulfillment-linkThese days, American buyers are savvier than ever, spending a majority of their shopping time researching products and comparing prices before ever heading to the store. Convincing them to head to the register with a new product isn't exactly a cut-and-dry process—especially when it comes to impulse buys.

Your packaging advocates for your product when you aren't able to, speaking volumes from its silent spot on store shelves. Consider this— a package not only protects your product, keeping it undamaged and viable, it lists marketing copy, fulfills legal requirements and even has a barcode for easy checkout, purchasing and tracking within the sales sphere. Without a package, your product is "naked" and practically invisible to the customer, which is why picking the right packaging and fulfillment partner is so critical to your success.

Control Your Marketing Sphere

Whether you're manufacturing your own product or using a licensing agreement to push it out to market, your packaging remains a constant. Trusting that your fulfillment company is manufacturing your box, back or other container to spec affects many different facets of the sales cycle, including viability during shipping, easy storage at the point of sale, and customer perception.

The experience a customer has with your product will likely occur "unboxed" in their own home, so their interaction with your packaging in the store is the one— and perhaps, only— chance you'll get to convince passersby to purchase it. With the right fulfillment company keeping this interaction top-notch, you won't have to worry about being sabotaged by your own crumpled, damaged or sub-par packaging.

A Broken Link Means a Bad Chain

Packaging is the last layer in the product development process, putting the proverbial icing on the cake before a product heads to stores.

Without a dependable packaging fulfillment partner, your product development team may end up sitting on their hands, waiting for a phone call to keep the wheels moving towards success. Finding a proven fulfillment company will keep wasted time out of the development equation, allowing you to focus your energies on further product innovations or line expansions, which, in turn, will motivate consumers to stay interested and engaged with your brand.

If your retail partners dropped the ball, you couldn't sell a single unit; packaging and fulfillment is the link in the chain that delivers the product to the consumer— it deserves just as much consideration.

Thinking around the Corner, Not Cutting Them

Your fulfillment partner should be willing to help, improve and grow with your business, no matter what path— licensing or direct sales— that you're taking to market. When selecting your packaging and fulfillment team, you’ll want to choose a smart partner in a centralized location.

A company that operates out of the Midwest, for example, is in a prime location to quickly fulfill orders within the continental US— saving you time and money. And choosing an experienced fulfillment team— who is aware of intricate licensing and labeling laws in the US— allows you to cut through the red tape required to get a product on store shelves.

With the right blend of suggestion and planning, benefits such as recycled packaging can be incorporated to establish or build a 'green' presence in your brand's philosophy, giving you an additional marketing point.

Don't make packaging fulfillment an afterthought in your overall business plan, or you're likely to find out the hard way exactly how important it truly is to the success of your operations. Your packaging is the final step to the "total package"— so do a little research and make the right choice the first time around.

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