Restoration of Neglected Role May Be Key in the Future of Fulfillment

Published : August 1, 2014

supplier-relationshipNot every company has a department, or even a single employee, that is dedicated to Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). But this relationship is ultimately very important not only to packaging fulfillment, but to the overall operation of your business. 

SRM is about much more than placing orders and making sure that products get where they need to go. Or it least it can be.

In his article, New Focus on Supplier Relationship Management, Patrick Burnson, executive editor of Logistic Management and Supply Chain Revie  explains how the role of SRM is being developed in a new way to help businesses serve their customers and their bottom line as efficiently as possible. This means fulfillment needs to be taken seriously, and as many components of the process as possible being integrated into the process.

Inefficiencies (and Opportunities) Abound

As consumers, most of us have experienced a delivery failure in one way or another. Perhaps a desired item was on backorder or a package showed up damaged and had to be returned. 

From a business standpoint, companies who haven't gotten their marketing research and manufacturing teams on the same page often find themselves with too much of a product, forcing them to offer a sale with minimal profits or even a loss. 

Orders might be accepted by a B2B customer who has a poor history of paying because billing and financing is not properly aligned.

One expert notes that these types of gaps are opportunities for companies to improve their process by integrating more aspects of the business in with packaging fulfillment. By doing this, not only does the "left hand know what the right hand is doing," it also knows, figuratively, what is going on with the elbow, the knee or even that discreet tattoo on your supplier's ankle. 

By facilitating interdepartmental communication, companies are able to achieve maximum efficiency which creates a win-win situation for all concerned.

Knowing and Empowering Your Players

Many companies think they have a pretty good track record when it comes to efficiency and customer satisfaction. They communicate with their retailers and ecommerce customers. Your distributors are letting them know about delays. Your sales team is pulling in record numbers. Customer service is keeping up with support calls. But in the end, it isn't enough that each department operates well independently. You need to break down your silos.

But when you try to integrate everything on your own, something inevitably falls through the cracks. Someone, somewhere in your company gets confused, and a customer or supplier winds up displeased.

If your business is like most, it really wasn't built for all this. It's based on a passion for your product, and a desire to turn a profit. By working with a full service packaging fulfillment company, you can put the bulk of your energy on doing what you do best-- creating and developing products.

A good SRM will set up a complete management system online in "the cloud," which will effectively tear down the walls that isolate each area of your business, so any employee, customer, distributor, supplier, and delivery person can access the information they need to know (and only the information they need to know) about availability, delivery schedules, or call center wait times wherever and whenever they need it.

A Template for Strong Fulfillment

At Aero Fulfillment Services, we can help your business fully integrate each component of the packaging fulfillment process in order to help you achieve the highest level of efficiency in all areas. This means greater customer satisfaction, and better profits for you. Our secure facilities are located centrally just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio-- which allows us to cut down on delivery times and costs on fulfillment anywhere in the continental US.

Our multi-channel capabilities and cloud-based supply chain management keep things running smoothly for both ecommerce and retail distribution, ensuring that everyone in the process is informed and confident that when issues do come up, the right tools are available to resolve the situation. 

And no matter if your main concerns are your business to business transactions or your business to consumer relationships, we provide you with the analytics you need to make an informed decision on where you want your business to go next. 

Contact us to learn how we can help restore whatever role you might have accidently neglected.

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