The Real Cost of Supply Chain Disruption

Published : February 25, 2015

rising-cost-graphicWhen you were negotiating with potential supply chain vendors, price was likely one of your chief concerns. A simple Google search for “supply chain cost” returns pages upon pages of data sheets and How-Tos on cost cutting. With such an emphasis placed on keeping costs down, on how low you can negotiate rates, have you stopped to seriously consider how much a good supplier or fulfillment service stands to save your company on non-negotiated expenses in the long run?

When it comes to supply chain vendors, one bad apple really can spoil the whole bunch.

Just one lost day of production, missed delivery, or other unplanned supply chain disruption comes with a hefty price for your whole business. Take a look at the graphic below to see just how an ill-prepared supply chain can have serious financial repercussions for the whole company— and just how much a solid team of supply chain vendors, from your suppliers to your fulfillment services, will save your company.


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