The Secret to Recruiting Top Talent to Procurement & Fulfillment Services

Published : March 5, 2015

woman-looking-at-resumeYour procurement and fulfillment services are at the heart of your company; seeking out the best minds to helm them is just good business. This is easier said than done, however. With so many opportunities available to each eligible candidate, it's no longer enough to simply have an open position. Recruitment in today's business climate is necessarily proactive, be without a sound strategy you stand to risk losing your shot at the best performers in the industry.

Cast a Wide Net

The traditional methods for capturing candidates' attention are lagging behind in a digital tide. If you're still relying on ads or headhunters, the technologically-savvy performers you need to revolutionize your supply chain will pass right on by. In a recent piece discussing the most attractive companies to potential candidates, Supply Management highlighted social media as an unlikely, yet powerful, tool in the procurement arsenal. The theory goes that as supply chains grow more complex and dependent on technology, seeking out professionals to manage them through those same pathways is a step towards success.

Don't Search For What You Don't Understand

How much do you know about the position you're trying to fill? If all your knowledge comes down second- or third-hand, if at all, you're essentially flying blind. In a recent Supply Management blog, Tania Seary counsels business leaders, encouraging them to truly understand the functions of the position they're filling before sitting down and interviewing potential candidates. Promising individuals will have questions to ask about their potential job duties, and if vague answers are all you have to offer, the position may look more difficult or analog— and thus more unattractive— than it actually is in practice.

One Size Fits All Doesn't Work

Google is often held up as an example in efficient hiring and retention practices for large businesses. The tech giant makes a point of emphasizing that they customize salary and benefit packages for each given position, showcasing an unmistakable point of difference that cuts through the chatter. If your would-be fulfillment hires get the impression you'll treat their career progression as a goal and not an afterthought, they're more likely to come on board. Don't preserve your commitment to this customization as a bullet point for discussions behind closed doors, either. Mention individualized salary and benefit initiatives prominently in your headhunting materials (ones that are hopefully on social media!) to entice the right people to come to the table in the first place.

Make the Department a Point of Pride

The argument against participation trophies aside, rewards and recognitions are an important part of motivating a fulfillment team. If a candidate can get excited about a job and the potential for 'feathers in the cap' from hitting performance goals in the future, they'll be enticed to take ownership of the position from day one.

Referring to your fulfillment center as an important aspect of the business, the support behind success, and framing the position and staff as the vital team members that they are helps underscore you’re your appreciation and potential of the position. The best supply chain professionals are invested not just in their own job security, but the health of the business itself, and encouraging that mindset from the first interviews will set the correct tone.

The more attractive you make your position and corporate culture to up-and-comers, the more likely it is that they'll be happy to professionally "wear your brand" with pride. Once these individuals are working in your fulfillment services departments, this culture will also help keep them in place. Remember, bringing talent in is a necessity, but retaining that talent may be an even more vital component of success.

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