The Wrong Packaging Fulfillment Partner Puts Your Brand on the Line

Published : July 9, 2014

packaging-fulfillmentThese days, even the smallest businesses are being pushed to compete in global markets where a single poor experience can have a far-reaching impact on operations. And with these pressures, the strides made in supply chain analytics and outsourced packaging fulfillment can be quite comforting for both businesses and customers.

It is now possible for any business, no matter what size you may be, to provide top-notch products and/or services that leave your customers remembering your name, and coming back for more. It is this type of quality and dedication that builds a brand that is well known and trusted. This is no small feat.

But when you pick the wrong business partners, you can compromise the integrity you work so hard to build. If something goes wrong with the delivery of a package, it's your company and your brand that takes the hit.

Going Above and Beyond

That's why when it comes to packaging fulfillment, you need to work with a company that goes beyond being a shipping company or a warehouse.

A true partner takes a vested interest in everything that happens behind the scenes.

  • Technical support that can address computer or phone glitches
  • A customer service team that listens to your concerns (and has the capability to actually address those problems)
  • A strategy for helping you make sales, retain customers, and help you grow your business

It also helps when this partner is able to provide reporting analytics that your company can review in order to revise your business plan to promote overall success.

Delivering Packages Right

While effective fulfillment involves more than shipping, it is important to remember that shipping still matters. Items ordered need to be processed as quickly as possible and delivered to their intended recipient in good condition and in a timely fashion.

The location of your fulfillment company is not something to be overlooked.

Shipping out of the middle of the United States makes it possible for everyone to receive their orders quickly regardless of where they are. A strong policy on rush orders is helpful as well for those times when delivery needs to be even faster. The fulfillment company needs to be keenly aware that their ability to provide excellent service, or not, makes a big difference when it comes to your brand.

In all aspects of your business’s order processes, including marketing, customer service , and technical support, accuracy and efficiency need to be a top priority. If the fulfillment company does make a mistake, you need to know that they will own up to it and do what is necessary to regain your customer’s trust and respect.

Full Service, Behind the Scenes

Fulfilling order involves much more than holding onto inventory and shipping packages, still some companies don’t offer much more than this, and it leaves a unsettling disconnect when it comes to customer service and technical support.

When your fulfillment company is able to get involved in more aspects of the business— from order entry to handling phone calls, upselling and retaining customers as well as providing detailed analytics and digital marketing services that brings important insights which will give your business an advantage against the competition— it frees you to focus on what you do best.

An experienced full service packaging fulfillment company with the right technology and dedication, to both business to customer clients and business to business services, makes you look your best. Every package that is delivered and each piece of information provided helps solidify you reputation.

This type of fully integrated fulfillment gives your business a strong backbone. With that strength, you can maintain a trusted brand and the type of loyal customers and partners that follow you wherever you grow.

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