Are Microsites the Answer to 3 Common Ecommerce Dilemmas?

Bounce rate, abandoned carts, a lack of repeat customers—there's no shortage to the worries an e-commerce site has to deal with. It's easy to blame a broad, uncontrollable force like a sluggish economy, but sometimes it’s actually these sites themselves that are their own worst enemy. Ecommerce fulfillment can only accomplish so much in the drive to secure customer satisfaction—a streamlined warehouse can't compensate for a fundamentally broken shopping experience. Think you've got things handled? Take a glance at the three most common roadblocks to sales online.

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3 Ecommerce Fulfillment Strategies To Ensure Lasting Victory

In some business circles, B2B is shadowed with an unfair reputation as a bland, behind-the-scenes affair, an operation born strictly out of necessity and mostly above the volatile fluctuations that keep B2C on its toes. Ask the leaders involved in successful B2B implementation, however, and you'll get a very different story—one of spirited competition, innovative marketing and a delicate balance on the cutting edge of fulfillment. Where does your supply chain strategy fall? If you feel more like the former than the latter, it's time to stop dragging your feet and start guiding your B2B efforts to lasting victory. 

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Align Your Vendors With Your Ecommerce Fulfillment Needs

How hard can eCommerce be? If you've been kicking back and assuming that your fulfillment center will do just fine as it is, you could be in for a rude awakening. With complications driven by ubiquitous omni-channel efforts and customer demands that are only increasing in complexity as time goes on, supply chain professionals have had their hands full keeping up.  Make no mistake—the slow-but-steady flow of orders from eCommerce sources is poised to turn into a flood, and you've got some work to do if you don't want to drown in your own success.

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