Are Microsites the Answer to 3 Common Ecommerce Dilemmas?

Bounce rate, abandoned carts, a lack of repeat customers—there's no shortage to the worries an e-commerce site has to deal with. It's easy to blame a broad, uncontrollable force like a sluggish economy, but sometimes it’s actually these sites themselves that are their own worst enemy. Ecommerce fulfillment can only accomplish so much in the drive to secure customer satisfaction—a streamlined warehouse can't compensate for a fundamentally broken shopping experience. Think you've got things handled? Take a glance at the three most common roadblocks to sales online.

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Topics : eCommerce, Microsites

Can a Microsite Improve Your Holiday Supply Chain Strategy?

Today's smartphones have everything in them—voice recognition, translators, high-definition cameras, sound recorders. And your store. Ready or not, mobile devices are the new store windows, and if supply chain strategy fails to adapt to that new reality, it risks being left behind. Adding additional layers of complexity is the fact that the "mobile window" into a given store isn't bound by the normal constraints of its brick-and-mortar predecessors. Store hours are now a mere side consideration or may fail to enter the shopping equation entirely. Microsites have bridged the fairly large gap between the effort required to revamp a traditional website and the conversion payoff of new content that promotes sales or particular products. Is your company ready to take the leap?

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