Technology Alone Can't Solve Your Supply Chain Woes

Technology is a welcomed tool for most suppliers and providers operating along a supply chain. The logistics, communication, training, and the application of data benefit greatly from the advent and infusion of technology. Yet there remains some supply chain issues that simply cannot be resolved solely through the use of technology.

Supply chains are manned by individuals, not just machines, and this must be accounted for in an attempt to find well-rounded logistics solutions.

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Is Your ERP Creating Logistics Problems?

Enterprise resource planning (also commonly referred to as ERP) is one of the most significant weapons a business can have in its proverbial arsenal.

With a suite of integrated applications that marry diverse functions like marketing, sales, inventory management, service delivery, product planning, shipping, and payment in a single platform, an ERP can be an investment that gives you the edge over the competition.

It's important to realize, however, that businesses can't expect a good IT system to fix all of the existing issues that they're having with their logistics solutions. In many cases, viewing technology as an automatic problem solver for the types of problems you may be having can only end up creating additional problems in its own right if you're not exceedingly careful.

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