When this fruit beverage company was spun off as an independent company from its large CPG owner, they were in need of a highly responsive consumer care team, committed to knowing everything about their brand and their consumers.


The required consumer care team needed to be able to manage not only a large call volume but could provide their consumers with a more personal boutique customer care experience. The company faced challenges including managing their promotional endeavors, the change in how social media was being used by consumers, the global growth of their brand, an increase in production, the introduction of new manufacturing facilities and several changes in product formulation as well as the challenges that impact the food and beverage industry over all.

Ultimately, the company needed:

  • Tools that can help manage FDA Required Compliance
  • A solution that helps track Calls, Emails, and Social Media communication
  • Real time reporting
  • A solution that minimized the time to manage each consumer communication, while maintaining some level of personalization
  • Specialized high level of brand, product and consumer understanding
  • A mechanism for recognizing trends associated with market segments, brands and production


Aero partnered with the fruit beverage company's team to ensure we produced the tools and team that would meet all of their needs.  We developed a customized solution that includes built in workflow processes that identify and ensure the correct call to action is initiated with minimal management required. Aero’s reporting tools provided real time data and were developed to help identify and track specific trends.

Aero developed a customized CRM solution and comprehensive training for our Consumer Care Center Reps, establishing a team that not only could manage the high call/communication volume but also was knowledgeable about the fruit beverage brand and their consumers. Our solutions boasts a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% and drives efficient processes, keeping the company compliant with internal and external regulations as abiding by FDA regulations are critical in the food and beverage industries.


Our solutions boasts a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% and drives efficient processes, built in escalation that keeps our client informed and compliant with internal and external regulations.

Aero minimized the time required to manage each communication by recognizing key information regarding the type of communication, the brand and consumer preferences, customizing the responses and ensuring the call to action is initiated. By incorporating and tracking Social Media communications in our solution we can give our client a more holistic view of their consumers and business. Our reporting tools give real time data developed to identify and track trends, driving up stream resolution, minimizing the impact to consumers and the fruit beverage brand.

  • Our solution reduces the time to recognizing an issue or trend by 30%
  • The processes built out in our solution cut management of consumer follow up by 50%.
  • Quality across all of the fruit beverage organization has improved exponentially, reflected by the decrease in consumer concerns and complaints by 30%.

Our boutique call center solution provides fast personalized responses to consumers and actionable reporting that impacts everything from marketing to production.

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