Covid-19 Update

A Message from our CEO:

Aero Fulfillment Services is committed to supporting our customers’ evolving needs and making the greatest impact on COVID-19 mitigation and humanitarian efforts. As with all businesses, we have taken necessary steps to adjust our workforce and reallocate valuable human resources in areas that directly support critical needs. Thus, orders deemed “essential” or “critical” as outlined by the Department of Homeland Security are prioritized. This includes life supporting goods in the medical, personal healthcare, cleaning and sanitation segments. If your goods fall outside of these guidelines, please know that we are working very hard to fulfill your order as soon as we possibly can and we appreciate your patience and support.
In order to maximize our collective efforts, there are a few things you can do to help limit any unnecessary delays:


1. Review and modify your daily forecast so we can allocate staffing as necessary.

2. Identify any relaxed Service Level Agreements with your retailer/wholesaler networks and advise us to those changes.

3. Limit orders to those that can be received directly by your customers. We are receiving a surge of rerouting and returns from businesses that are closed or not receiving goods, which is putting an additional strain on our available resources. 

These are trying times for all of us, and we applaud everyone’s collaboration and tremendous effort as we mitigate this global pandemic together.
In solidarity,
John Gimpel
President & CEO
Aero Fulfillment Services

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