When the world's largest eyewear company underwent an in-store fixture refresh of its brand at 950 of its stores, it involved a complex strategy which would require a partner who could simplify an intricate process to execute the full distribution and set up across all of the individual stores in a timely manner.

There were three goals to achieve in the refresh:

  1. Provide a better in-store customer experience and create an “engagement zone” within the stores to achieve this goal.
  2. Apply technology for data capture to increase their customer database.
  3. Increase conversion rate to their product through engagement zone experience.

It was critical that the fulfillment provider execute the distribution seamlessly so they could focus on their objectives.


The complex store refresh had an expedited completion date of 6 months.  It included separation of multiple engagement zone versions, multiple store types, over 400+ SKU’s and all stores had unique kitting components and fulfillment requirements including signage, promotional materials, fixtures, and samples.


Aero completed the refresh over a six month period and 9 phases. We provided store specific online and printed instructions along with an 800 number for help desk inquires and 24/7 support. Aero managed the call center help desk to answer any questions related to store refresh and provide support to stores. Materials were coordinated from multiple suppliers and configured by store type and brand. Store versions were color coded to match with version type.  Aero managed the entire process with white glove scheduled delivery to the stores and provided set up.  100% QC and an additional audit occurred on the pallet before shipment along with special pallet preparation to ensure the shipment was protected for delivery.


  • More than $350,000 in projected costs saved
  • No reported errors
  • Project was completed on time
  • All phases and in-store deliverable dates were met or exceeded.
  • Aero received an award from the client for achievement of superior performance on this project.

Aero successfully completed the project and met the deliverable goals which allowed the client to meet their goals of providing a better engagement zone for the stores and the ability to capture data to increase customer base and conversion rates through an improved customer experience. 

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