The oral healthcare division of a major consumer packaged goods brand was faced with logistics roadblocks when consolidating production across multiple factories after acquiring a major competitor.  In 2006 they turned to Aero for solutions.  The client was already working with Aero in other areas of business and they recommended Aero assisting with the acquisition challenges. 


When the company came to Aero, they were working with three vendors at three different locations to facilitate the work.  When two of the oral healthcare brands integrated, the client was asked to do a comparison between each brand's fulfillment vendor and the fulfillment center for the Convention Program.  They were initially seeking a comparison due to poor customer service, billing issues with validation of charges and misplacement of inventory and sample materials.  They needed a more robust solution including a user friendly web platform, inventory allotment strategy, and flexibility with complex projects outside of core competencies.


Based on the client’s analysis Aero was a clear winner based on location, service offerings, customer service, web portal including allotment functionality, inventory management capabilities and pricing.  Aero was able to be a single source solution to meet their unique needs for all three brands.  Aero provided web tools with allotment strategies built in, customer service that can react quickly to change and flexibility to think outside of the box, quick turn around on orders including our Aero Smartship services, versatile with late stage customization, kitting, customized letters, and printing.

Aero was able to offer a solution that consolidated business to one facility.  The web tools with allotment strategies allows for quick and easy management by brand, the ability for sales representatives, distributors and managers to enter and track their orders with filtered reporting at the user level to manage their sampling needs and custom reporting and notifications to manage all aspects of their program.  Aero Smartship solutions allows for flexed shipments so smaller shipments can be sent to sales reps more frequently and eliminate the need for storage and still allow reps to have product to promote when they need it – while leveraging the cost of the shipments against the cost of storage unit capacity.  Aero’s proven expertise in late stage customization provides results with kitting and creative solutions for special circumstances.  The customer service team at Aero provides depth in knowledge and can react quickly to change and is available to answer questions regarding client needs.  We provide a fast turn-around time for both order processing and production kitting needs. 


  • 25% decreased spend on average across fulfillment services not only from a pricing comparison but due to process efficiencies and higher performance.
  • 30% on average savings over market rates on LTL and White Glove trucking services by utilizing Aero’s Smartship Program.
  • Decreased transportation time due to Aero’s central location reaches 93% of population in 1-3 days at ground rates.

Ultimately, the Aero solution provides comprehensive ways to manage Field Sales and End Customer needs with a robust user friendly web platform and solutions to manage and minimize freight expenses.  

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