Kitting Services


Fulfillment Kitting Services at Aero Fulfillment Warehouse Can Save You Time and Money

What are Kitting Services?


A fulfillment kitting service is when a company takes the individual parts of an order or product and puts them together, so you don’t have to. Using 3PL fulfillment services, or third-party logistics to manage the products you use can save you time and money from day one.

Imagine having to collate and staple 50 different copies of a 10-page handout. It would take a long time to sort through 50 different stacks of paper, put them all in order, and then put a staple through them. However, if those pages all came to you sorted and put together and all you had to do was staple them, you would save a lot of time and money. In essence, that is kitting fulfillment. Your parts are all arranged with the pieces you need to finalize your product. You won’t have to organize and set up; you just have to “staple” the finished product.

What Does Kitting Mean in Manufacturing?

As your kitting service, we organize the parts into kits, send them to you, and you can put them together. One of our focuses is on the accuracy of the kits you receive from us. The comparable ease with which these kits can be assembled saves you time and money because your employees won’t be spending time sorting pieces. Let us ensure your kits are put together correctly, saving you time caused by errors, and eliminating lost or misplaced parts.



What is Kitting in a Warehouse?


We have the warehousing and fulfillment experience necessary to ensure accuracy in the inventory throughout your supply chain. This means we take responsibility for having the assets and the parts on hand to provide you with the kits you need, allowing you to ensure that your operating runs faster and more smoothly. Our third party warehouse will also save you space that you would have to use for storage of each of the individual parts.

What is Kitting in Supply Chain?

The responsibilities of a company like Aero Fulfillment, as part of kitting solutions, is to save time and hassle in your manufacturing process.

When you use our kitting service, we can ensure that you save on shipping and fulfillment services. We can especially decrease your shipping costs if you have parts that come from overseas or from across the country. We will have pieces shipped to us in bulk, and then we can go about kitting for you; we can save you a great deal of money, and storage space. Postponement is also easier when kitting. In this case, we can kit products while you, the manufacturer, wait for the specifics that will be required in the order. We can kit products in a “plain” model, then you can add or take away something to meet the specific need of an order. The only issue about postponement kitting is that you will need a place to store kits while waiting for specific orders. However, you still save time by not needing to go through the entire kitting process. There are also some packaging options when kitting is used. Products can be packaged for specified times of the year or for special events which can help attract customers. One of the greatest advantages to kitting is the savings in obtaining materials for kitting packages. It can be quite expensive to obtain these materials when done in-house, but we have our own network of vendors, and we can often find these materials at a lower cost because of the bulk numbers in which we purchase them. We are also able to use planning technology to ensure supply management is automated which means there is far less opportunity for human error.

What is the Kitting Process?


In general, there will be a series of steps that Aero Fulfillment will follow to find the most cost effective way to kit, pack and ship your products.


  • We will work closely with you to ensure what parts each kit will contain. Although each business has a different set of needs, there are several commonalities that we can take advantage of to your benefit, and to our own. Often the parts we use will be things that many of our customers use, so we can have a great many on hand. We can also order larger quantities of items that are less expensive due to the bulk size of the orders.
  • We will evaluate the markets and determine if there are shortages or if shortages for some of those parts are common so that we can always have what you need for your kits when you need it.
  • We will work with you to determine what your kits will look like, how they will be packaged, and ensure that we share the same expectations that you do.


It is important for us, and for you, that we ensure that we can establish a reliable supply chain that will be able to meet your demands. In order to ensure that this will be the case, we will need data that is as accurate and extensive as possible.

What is Kitting Assembly?

We can do our assembly and kitting in bulk which means we are doing our operation in bulk. Our operation is linear, so we can have more parts and pieces that you rely on done more quickly than if you tried to do the entire process on your own.

This efficiency in assembly will cause fewer errors in the fulfillment of orders. It will also allow you to preprint shipping, eliminate the process of weighing, and other steps that not only make you more efficient, but can also help you save money.

The final savings you can expect from kitting is lower postage and shipping for your packages. You will be able to create custom sized boxes for the various products you ship out, which means less wasted space and less wasted packaging. You may be able to reduce the size and the weight of the packages you send out to fulfill your orders.

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