In 2006, the world's largest CPG company reached out to Aero Fulfillment in an effort to build a solution to support their Personal Health brands. The program encompasses the distribution of product samples and sales collateral, supporting all direct and contract sales representatives in the US.  

The Challenge 

When the company came to Aero, they were looking for a flexible new partner one that addresses all of their needs and concerns including:

  • Minimizing waste and cost
  • Inventory management tools
  • Managing inventory for multiple UOM
  • Scheduling timely shipments to field reps
  • Managing shipments for individual sales reps and conventions
  • Maintaining the level of compliance and controls required for their industry
  • Enforcing Allotment strategies

The Solution

Our aeroNavigator™ solution provides a turnkey solution to support their sophisticated database, telemarketing and inventory management needs so they could successfully execute both their direct to rep and direct to practitioner needs. aeroNavigator™ solution maintains allotment strategies for reps minimizing unnecessary shipments. Aero provides reporting tools that give our clients visibility to their inventory at every UOM. All products are stored in our FDA, cGMP and DEA compliant facility.  Aero developed a strategy and solution to minimize waste of inventory.

The solutions involved understanding the brands objective, the reps territory needs and the amount of storage space each rep has available. Aero developed reporting and analytics required to understand and anticipate their business needs. Aero’s call center supports the fields reps with order and tracking detail and escalates all other calls to the appropriate product support team or representative. Having the call center on site eliminates delays in providing order and tracking detail. Aero put their SmartShip, white glove solution in place to help minimized frustration in the field with scheduling deliveries as well as minimize shipping cost. Aero SmartShip offers solutions accommodating small parcel shipments to field reps or practitioners as well as container shipments to events and conventions across the US.

The Results

  • Once they made the change from using their standard shipping solution to using Aero’s SmartShip Solution, the company saw a savings of just over $59,000 in shipping costs in just two months. This equates to over 35% savings and a projected annual savings of $360,000.
  • Analytics and reporting tools allow the company to be proactive in their approach to managing inventory verses taking a reactive approach, not only minimizing waste but reducing the inventory they carry.
  • We provide our clients with key analytics that help in forecasting. Analytics that help them establish production and fulfillment needs based on actual demand, eliminating guess work, thus eliminating excess inventory costs.

Ultimately, Aero Fulfillment effectively minimizes waste and cost, maximizes the reps time in the field, and provides the reporting and analytics required to understand and anticipate their business needs

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