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Free Freight Analysis: Freight Rate Audit

The ability to keep customers happy is the fundamental objective for any business. However, as our economy improves, freight demand is increasing. With truck drivers in short supply, small customers and businesses deemed not strategic will be hit with general rate increases of 4-10% in 2018. Industry leaders such as FedEx Freight and UPS Freight are moving to density based LTL pricing strategies as a way to improve their margins.

With customers being negatively affected by these decisions, you need to look for freight saving opportunities along with strategies to reduce cost by improved transportation practices. Allow Aero to provide a confidential freight rate analysis at no charge. Getting started is quick and easy. This will allow the Smartship team to audit your current freight expense against what you could pay if you were utilizing the Aero Smartship program.

What can a freight analysis do?

  • Benchmark your current cost of shipping against what the Aero Smartship program can offer
  • Avoid vendor “prepay and add” freight
  • Review / audit your transportation expenses to make sure your shipments are rated correctly
  • Negotiate freight class exceptions, rates and tariffs that are specific to your business type

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