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  • 3 Reasons Why Choosing a Midwest Fulfillment Service is Smart for Business

    Ah, the Midwest. This region not only offers scenic beauty and a relaxed lifestyle, but it’s also becoming a hub for Midwest fulfillment services. The Midwest is considered one of four census regions in the United States and is home to almost 69 million people (21% of the US population)...

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    Go Green

    3 Eco-Conscious Resolutions for Logistics for the New Year

    A new year - new resolutions and new ideas. Becoming greener will probably be on the list of most everyone. Companies and consumers are concerned about the effects our actions are having on the earth and are looking for sustainable solutions.

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    5 Potential Pitfalls to Using 3PL And How to Avoid Them

    5 Potential Pitfalls to Using 3PL And How to Avoid Them

    Third-party logistics (3PL) is a multi-billion dollar industry. Most of the Fortune 1000 companies use some sort of 3PL services; but for your business, you may be questioning whether the timing is right for you to take the plunge. The decision to contract with a fulfillment partner is a big one.

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    4th Quarter Freight

    Any company with a D2C ecommerce model is well aware of the increasing challenges of managing fulfillment, in particular, freight costs during the fourth quarter. Consumer shipping expectations continue to rise driven by the fulfillment benchmark being set by Amazon, Walmart, and other large D2C companies.

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