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5 Questions to ask a potential fulfillment and distribution partner

5 Questions to Ask a Potential Fulfillment and Distribution Partner

With an extensive global economy, fulfillment encompasses much more than shipping and receiving. A good fulfillment partner will help your business with a variety of operational tasks including customer service, billing and finance, warehousing and inventory tracking, internet marketing, analytics, technical support, and more.
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You have many responsibilities when it comes to running your ecommerce store. You have to have the
advertising and marketing strategies in place to bring in customers, the staff and support to handle
ecommerce fulfillment services, an IT team to keep the website up and ready to accept orders, a
customer service team to handle questions and complaints, and countless other duties.
Consumers have many choices in most marketplaces, and if they read bad reviews or have a bad
experience with your company, someone else is a click away. You need to have a quality customer
experience to really stand out, as it’s considered one of the most important differentiators that a
company can have.

Sometimes maintaining or improving the customer experience requires more resources than you have
in-house. One of the most common areas that get outsourced in ecommerce is the order fulfillment.
Prompt order processing and delivery plays such a key role in giving the customer the best possible
experience. It makes sense to partner with experts that have the specialized skills and tools in place to
take that order from processing to delivery.


What is 3PL


You work with a third-party logistics provider, also known as ecommerce fulfillment companies, to get
access to these types of services. The 3PL has the capabilities to handle part or all of your
ecommerce fulfillment process. If you’re happy with parts of your order fulfillment workflow, but you
want to outsource the problem areas, then that’s an option.

In some cases, it makes more sense to have the 3PL provider take over that entire operation, so you can
focus on the areas that have led your business to success thus far. When less of your time is taken up by
an area that you’re not as familiar with, you have more resources to focus on your primary business

What is the Difference Between an E-commerce Center and a


A warehouse is simply a storage facility that holds your inventory. You may have warehouses set up for
your company currently or are planning on acquiring this space as you begin scaling. 3PL companies
offer an order fulfillment service center, which does hold inventory like a warehouse, but it does so
much more for your organization.

Your orders get handled end-to-end at the fulfillment center, with the 3PL handling all parts of this
process from the time the order data gets sent to them to the moment it gets delivered to the buyer.


Core Services You Receive with a 3PL Fulfillment Service

You receive many services through the 3PL fulfillment service center that you wouldn’t at a basic
warehouse. Here are a few of the most common options that you’ll find when you start looking for a 3PL

Freight management: The 3PL uses specialized tools to more effectively manage freight operations. They
can see how inventory and orders are allocated quickly and make adjustments as needed throughout
the process.

Pick and pack: You need a way to get your product off of the warehouse shelves and into the shipping
box. Pick and pack services provide the manual labor needed to pick the orders, choose the appropriate
packing material, and send it down to the loading dock.

Supply chain logistics systems: A e-commerce logistics and inventory management company has access
to all sorts of cutting-edge order fulfillment technology that is typically reserved for the biggest
ecommerce companies. You don’t want to lose a competitive edge by your shipments going out too
slowly, so having this backend technology supporting your operations is critical.
Shipping services: The 3PL has existing relationships with shipping companies, which give them the
leverage for acquiring better rates, have access to specialized services, and makes it possible to speed
up the delivery process for your customers.

Integration with your ecommerce systems: While you can send over orders manually if you want to the
3PL provider, it makes a lot more sense to automate this workflow as you get bigger. The 3PL backend
can integrate with your ordering systems so you don’t have to take that information through an extra
step before it begins fulfillment.

Other Services to Support Your Ecommerce Business


The 3PL provider also has additional e-commerce services that may be relevant to your order fulfillment

Customer support: Do you have enough customer service representatives on-hand to handle order
related questions? If you have hold times that constantly go higher and bad reviews complaining about
the time it takes to get in touch with your company, consider outsourcing order-related calls to the 3PL’s
support resources.

Instant access to data: Get real-time updates as orders come in, get processed, and go out the
fulfillment center’s doors. With up to the minute information, you don’t have to worry about overselling
your inventory or running into other stocking issues as a result of old data.

Warehousing: If you need more space for your inventory, the 3PL service offers cost-effective, pay for
what you need warehousing available. In many cases, the cost to work with the 3PL’s warehouses is
better than trying to find a good deal on a space on your own.

Fast fulfillment: If your 3PL provider has warehouses located near your largest shipping locations, then
you’re able to drastically reduce the time it takes for packages to get to the customers. If people are
spread throughout the country, then look for ecommerce order fulfillment centers that are centrally

Expert packing: You don’t want to deal with returns from broken products. The experts at the 3PL
fulfillment centers have plenty of experience with safely packaging and transporting your inventory.
Returns and recall management: Get a better way to handle returns – have the 3PL handle that entire
part of the process too.


The Benefits of Using Order Fulfillment Centers for E-
commerce Companies


You see several direct and indirect benefits when you start using order fulfillment centers for your
ecommerce companies.

The cost savings is one of the most apparent benefits when you switch over your order fulfillment
workflow. You cut out administrative overhead, property overhead, and more by using a company that
specializes in this area.

Scaling business growth becomes possible with a 3PL partner at your side, as you decrease the
complaints from customers unhappy with their order processing and delivery. You won’t have to fear
sudden spikes in demand. Instead, it becomes an opportunity to make a great first impression with new

The 3PL service has a full staff dedicated to order fulfillment, so the quality control is done by people
that are dedicated to the task. They don’t have to help with other parts of the business after they get
done with the order processing, so their attention isn’t being split between two different functions.
Making a good first and repeat impression on customers is critical to scaling your business. As you build
a customer base full of happy people, you’re going to see the benefits to your bottom line.

Avoid employee overhead by working with the existing staff in-place at the 3PL provider. It takes a lot of
time to recruit, hire, and train new employees. When you encounter turnover, that sets the entire order
fulfillment process back significantly. Avoid all that hassle with the help of a 3PL provider.