What is Pick and Pack Warehousing and How is it Beneficial?

What is Pick and Pack Warehousing and How is it Beneficial?

What is picking and packing?

Warehouse Picking

Warehouse fulfillment starts with finding the relevant stock so that it can be properly packed. The Pick and Pack Warehouse may choose to automate this process to save time and reduce labor costs. Without a great inventory management system in place, there’s no way to make the pick packing efficient.

A pick and pack fulfillment company will take great care to scan in incoming stock and record the exact location of the warehouse it is stored in. Most warehouse services today use a combination of inventory management systems and manual scanning to ensure that each item is correctly entered into the system.

Careful receiving upfront makes it a lot easier to complete the fulfillment process later. When the inventory has been picked, it is sent to the packing department.

Warehouse Packing

packing warehouse service entails packing the items according to the specifications of the customer. Over the last few years, it’s become easier to automate this process. Nonetheless, it may still be necessary to use human labor to ensure that the pack process has been completed correctly. There is little room for error in pick and pack fulfillment services.

The Pick and Pack Process

Each fulfillment service chooses the pick and pack process that works best for their clients. Let’s visit some of the pick & pack strategies most often used by fulfillment services in the United States.

Strategies in a Packaging Warehouse

Piece Picking

Piece picking or “non-automated picking” is the most traditional method. Employees retrieve items for fulfillment from the shelves. This method is becoming less popular because of increasing labor costs. This method is most common in ecommerce fulfillment when only one or two items are sent out per order.

Batch Picking

This method is common for bulk orders. The company will select items in batches and may also use an automated picking system to pull the items from the shelves. This could be a batch as defined by bales, boxes, bags, or pallets of merchandise.

Zone Picking

Zone picking is a method of strategically dividing up large warehouses to improve efficiency. The warehouse is divided into different zones. The division is often made along product lines, or storage specifications. The company assigns each employee to a particular zone. This method makes it easier for employees to retrieve items for an order when necessary.

Fulfillment companies might also pack according to the need for each order. If a client orders a product that comes with a free gift, for example, the fulfillment company might pack all those products in the same area. This makes management of each order easier and reduces labor costs.

Wave Picking

This hybrid method combines zone and batch picking. Employees have a designated area but they choose items for orders in batches. This offers companies a good balance between managing orders effectively and reducing labor costs.

Pick and Ship Services

Aero offers a comprehensive pick, pack, and ship service. Once we box the orders, we ship them on your behalf.

Who Commonly Uses Warehouse Pick and Pack Services?

A pick and pack warehouse is an ideal ecommerce fulfillment solution. Time is of the essence when it comes to ecommerce fulfillment, so outsourcing this function to a professional pick and pack service makes good business sense.

Costs Associated with Picking and Packing

Businesses partner with us because we’re cost-effective, and highly efficient. We use high-quality inventory software to ensure that our clients know exactly where they stand with their stock at all times. We use automation to reduce costs along with bulk buying discounts to keep your costs low on packaging materials.

Companies save more by hiring the amount of space that they need, rather than paying for space that they won’t use or paying for a “bundled service.” Companies save money on staff costs by outsourcing to the pick and pack fulfillment services.

As a specialist company, we’re able to provide fast turnaround times, accurate inventory fulfillment, and quality storage solutions.

Benefits of Pick Pack Services

Pick and pack warehousing offers companies several benefits.


Using our pick and pack services streamlines the ordering process significantly. Companies don’t have to draw their own stock, get the packaging materials, or work through third-party carriers. By cutting out the middleman, you save time and money.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Our picking pack deals improve customer satisfaction through:

  • Faster turnaround time on each order
  • Lower shipping costs per order
  • Accurate packing for every order

Quick Turnaround 

We’ve streamlined our pick and pack services, combined them with top operating software, and partnered with the most reliable carriers. These tweaks make us one of the fastest pick and pack services around.

Cost Savings

Save on:

  • Only paying for the space that you use: Renting the right-sized warehouse can be tricky. With pick and pack companies, you don’t pay for the whole warehouse, only the square footage that you use. If your business needs to upgrade or downgrade the size of the space, it’s quick and easy to do.
  • Save on packaging materials: You’ll save by not having to buy and store packaging materials. With our bulk-buying power, we get outstanding deals on these supplies.
  • Carrier charges: Again, our bulk-buying power as a pick and pack company comes into play here. We save on carrier charges and pass these savings on to your business.

The Aero Difference

Get in touch and see just how much our bulk buying discounts and streamlined service offering can save you. Start saving by paying for the space you actually use and save on packaging and carrier costs.

We view our clients as partners in business. So your success is our success.

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