What’s the difference between Warehousing and Fulfillment?

What’s the difference between Warehousing and Fulfillment?

Partnering with Aero’s warehousing and fulfillment centers frees up your time and worry, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your businesses. Our fulfillment warehouse takes care of inventory management, packing, and shipping, leaving you more time for product development, marketing and sales.

What are Warehousing, Fulfillment, and Distribution?

If we look at the distribution center definition and also consider the store fulfillment definition, we might believe that all three functions are the same. 

While they’re undoubtedly interconnected, there are distinct differences between each one. Aero offers all three services to make sure that businesses are able to focus on increasing their market share and keeping their customers happy.

What does a Standard Product Warehouse do?

Warehousing is the storage of items. Companies may hire storage space in a warehouse and handle their own fulfillment and distribution. Warehousing, in this manner, is considered a long-term option. For example, if you have seasonal stock to be stored until Thanksgiving, long-term storage is better than a warehouse and distribution service.

What do Fulfillment Centers do?

Warehousing fulfillment centers are short-term storage facilities. The inventory is active and normally stays less than a month. Aero Fulfillment packs each order when it comes in so that it’s ready to ship to the customer.

What does fulfillment mean?
Fulfillment means packing products when they’re ordered. Outsourcing this function at Aero Fulfillment allows you to save storage space because you don’t need to allocate space for stock or packing materials.

How does a fulfillment center work?

Companies using our fulfillment services have three options:

  • Fetch the packed goods and distribute them
  • Engage a carrier to fetch the products and deliver them to clients
  • Choose a fulfillment center that also offers distribution services

What does a distribution center do?

The strictest definition of a distribution center is that it’s a storage facility where goods are held for distribution to retailers or end-users. “Distribution center” is, therefore, not just another word for warehouse. Instead, it’s the last link in the supply chain.

The Advantages of Choosing Aero Fulfillment and Distribution Center Warehouse Services

Choosing one company to handle all three functions makes sense for both big and small businesses. Having one central firm controlling every aspect streamlines the supply process, improving the customer experience.

Minimize Storage Costs

Finding a warehouse to rent is simple enough. Getting a warehouse that meets your immediate and future needs is challenging. Companies that plan to expand later may have to pay for space that they don’t use. Businesses that opt for a smaller space initially find it harder to scale up operations later.

By choosing fulfillment services for small businesses, smaller firms pay only for the space that they use. When the small business grows, scaling up is easy with Aero’s distribution center warehouse. Larger firms benefit from having more flexible storage arrangements.

Reduce Shipping Costs

Shipping adds up fast. With Aero’s bulk buying power, businesses benefit through shipping discounts. The companies may then use these savings to be more competitive in their market.

Improve Efficiency

One Central Location to Deliver to
Companies must also consider logistics vs. distribution efficacy. While it may be possible for a company to distribute its own warehouse products, it doesn’t always make sense for them to do so. Using Aero Fulfillment center allows you to deliver your products to one central location.

Streamlined Process

Your ordering system links through to Aeros. When your client places an order, it goes straight through to the Aero fulfillment warehouse. Employees at the fulfillment center pick and pack the stock according to your instructions. At the same time, Aero notifies the carrier about the date of collection and any special conditions.

The carrier reports to the fulfillment center and fetches the packed order. The carrier then delivers the items to the customers, and the fulfillment process is complete.

Reduced Time to Market

With the competitiveness of the market, businesses can’t afford to keep other companies or individual clients waiting. Customers aren’t patient, particularly when it comes to ecommerce fulfillment. If you don’t ship orders immediately, or stock levels of your products in stores running low, clients will look for alternatives.

Outstanding Inventory System

Managing inventory can easily become a nightmare for businesses. With Aero’s comprehensive management software, you’ll be able to monitor stock levels with just a few clicks. You may even set up a stock level warning, draw detailed reports, and access a range of metrics.

All of these features allow you to make informed decisions about stock levels and movement. Our systems are compatible with all major CRM systems.

Safe and Secure Storage

Storing inventory safely and securely is essential to keeping it in good condition. Even if your product isn’t perishable, it should be stored correctly to ensure that the product inside doesn’t become damaged. Some order fulfillment companies adopt a casual approach to storage.

At Aero Fulfillment, our centers offer safe and secure storage for clients. As your partner, we believe the better you do, the better we do, so we take good care of your stock.

Fast Turnaround Times

Many businesses turn to fulfillment services to improve efficiency. Not all fulfillment centers get the orders out on time. Aero prides itself on the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fulfillment center?

A fulfillment center is also known as a fulfillment warehouse. It stores stock on behalf of clients. When the client receives an order, the fulfillment company ensures that it’s packed securely.

What does inventory fulfilled mean?

When fulfillment companies mark an order “inventory fulfilled,” that means that they have the stock on hand.

 What does order fulfilled mean?

Order fulfillment means that the fulfillment centers have handed the items over to the carrier.

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